“All About Being Organized Best-Ever Christmas Planner”

Finally . . . a comprehensive planner for the holidays that will keep you organized and stress-free! Available now at a special price!

The Planner has over 160 pages filled with hundreds of pointers on everything from getting your home ready for the holidays to hosting a perfect get-together for family and friends. It is loaded with solutions to getting everything done with style, even when
you have very little time or a very limited budget.

The Planner is divided into 8 information-packed chapters, and it comes in a totally practical 3-ring binder that you can use for
years to come to plan your holidays. The binder will also serve as a designated place to store your most important holiday

Here are just a few of the highlights of the All About Being Organized
Best-Ever Christmas Planner:

Make this your year to enjoy Christmas without disorder, confusion, and chaos. This tiny investment will be your best-ever Christmas purchase!

Special Price:  $ 29.95  (list price $34.95) Plus shipping and handling (priority mail) $9.95
(U.S. shipping rate only, other shipping costs apply elsewhere)